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Marsha Doyenne: Links

Stuart & Sons
Wayne Stuart has created a new piano with international acclaim - these pianos handcrafted in Newcastle, Australia, take one year and over 2,000 manhours to create - and are quite simply the best pianos in the world!
Pamela Harris Illustration & Design
Pamela designed the cover for Gratitude. A very talented designer!
Bootleg Recording Services, Australia
Phillip Sawyers and Wayne Stuart worked to get the sound "just right" on my latest recording, and I'm forever grateful for their attention to detail. Phil is easy to work with, and when I was too tired to record any more, he inspired me to "give it another go...or four as it turned out!"
Fabric Essentials
Over 6,000 bolts of fabric inspiration for quilters and sewists! I took this store over when my mom retired and love to create with fabric just as much as I love to sculpt sound!
Thomas Paine Common Sense
Wake Up America! Before it is too late! This was the message Thomas Paine brought to the center of America at the Osborne, KS 4th of July Celebration in 2009. In addition to Bob Basso as Thomas Paine, I performed at this historic event with opera star Paula Swornay and pianist Linus Sarver.
Puzzles for Sale
My sister created one of the largest puzzle sites on the internet, so if you like puzzles, check it out!
Peter Mathews - Far From Haggersville
Peter Mathews has created the ultimate Mystery, Music, Movie, and Cross-Country Treasure Hunt! If you own the Far from Haggersville Deluxe CD, you hold half of the key to decrypting the clues in the puzzle. The rest is found in 9 Keystones placed at strategic locations from California to of which is located in my store - Essentials, in downtown Concordia, KS!